The primary purposes for which this ASSOCIATION is formed are to represent its members in all matters relating to employment relations with the City of Fresno, including but not limited to the negotiation of wages, hours and working conditions; to bind its members in a closer bond of fraternity for mutual protection; to aid each other in distress, in sickness, accident and death; to promote and improve social intercourse and welfare between the members thereof; to provide for sick benefits to its members in accordance with the terms and provisions of its By-Laws; to provide other relief to members of their dependents in case of accident, sickness, death or distress; and to do any and all acts necessary, expedient, convenient or incident to the administration of any and all of the purposes for which it is organized as in its By-Laws provided that it is not inconsistent with the provisions of Chapter 10-a, Part 2, Division 2, of the Insurance Code of California.
Download the By-Laws and Standing Rules in their entirety below.