To the Citizens of Fresno,

It is my honor and privilege to be serving as President of the Fresno Police Officers Association (FPOA). To be able to lead one of the finest law enforcement associations in the state of California is quite humbling. The men and women who protect and serve you are some of the finest people, and they take great pride in serving you and keeping you, your families and property safe. And they do this 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, rain or shine.

These are challenging times for ALL officers. The FPOA will always be there to represent and defend them during stressful times, to protect them when others will not, and highlight all the positive things they bring to OUR community. Our officers engage the community through various public events, volunteering their time to make Fresno a better city. I am also a long-time resident of Fresno and have a stake in keeping it safe, because I believe a safe city will be a vibrant city.

The FPOA is committed to working with the City of Fresno, our elected representatives and mayor to ensure those who sacrifice so much for you receive competitive pay and benefits commensurate for the type of challenging work environment they face on a daily basis. Our members face a daunting task of having to deal with one of the highest crime rates in the state, while dealing with those in our society who victimize the innocent. Our officers are expected to react to situations with the speed of a computer, and with the precision and accuracy of a robot, all the while keeping a smile on their face and greeting all they come in contact with in a positive manner.

So, if you see an officer thank them, appreciate them and most of all, give them the benefit of the doubt. Because after all, they are human!


Todd Fraizer